How to go green ?

List of how-tos from TreeHugger to get started on the green-revolution.

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Go green !

The online version of Time Magazine, named No Impact Man one of the world's top 15 environmental websites.

Check out the other 14 :

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  7. No Impact Man
  8. EcoGeek
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  10. Switchboard
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  12. Climate Ethics
  13. Climate Progress
  14. World Changing
  15. Planet Ark

Get Sandy on gTalk.

Email-based digital personal assistant Sandy can be a really helpful manager for to-do lists and calendar appointments, but only if you don't mind composing new messages for every change.

Worry no more. Its quite simple to add Sandy to your GTalk via its wonderful Twitter integration.

Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Add on google talk
Step 3. There's no step three! There's no step three!

How to simulate "No to all" when copying in Windows XP

If you've ever copied a folder's worth of files in Windows, you've come across the Confirm File Replace dialog, which asks you if you want to replace an existing file with a new file. You have the option to answer Yes just for this file, Yes to All—which will just replace all the originals with the new copies—or you can say No; what's missing is a button to say No to All. Rather than clicking No countless times if No to All is what you really want, tech weblog Online Tech Tips points out that Windows simulates the No to All response if you hold the Shift key and then click No.
How to simulate "No to all" when copying in Windows XP [Online Tech Tips]