Mindblowing Free Fonts.

Vitaly Friedman has compiled an astonishing collection of free fonts. Take a look. Vitaly says..." One of the best resources I’ve found was Gerrit van Aaken’s essays collection “Freie Schriften im Portrait” (free fonts in a portrait) in German language. Before reading this article any further I strongly suggest you to visit Gerrit’s site and add it to bookmarks, for it is regularly updated and contains great links and a great fonts library. Besides, I’ve found some collections, created by freelancing typo-artists, such as Manfred Klein’s Fonteria, Designer In Action: Fonts, Typemotion.de, Apostrophic Laboratories’ Collection, Identifont – Free Fonts and others. [Update: Following my statistic data, I’ve found another great resource, which inlcudes links to license-free fonts and is updated regularly. Take a look!]..."

Adding FAVICONs for your blog.

Adding FAVICONS (small icon in the browser address bar) in blogger is pretty simple task if you use MyFavTar.com's icon hosting.
  • Register on myfavtar
  • Click on 'Change my Favtar' and upload a favicon. Need superb Favicons ? check this excellent article from stunning magazine.
  • Copy the code from myfavtar and paste it between the head element of your blog between and preferably before

and you will have a favicon for your blog.

ulcer blues ?

I am tired of the repetitive attack of mouth ulcers. Sometimes I have a couple of them strategically located inside my mouth. I researched for it and compiled some information which might be useful for people suffering from this nuisance. This article is not intended to replace the certified medical opinion.

A mouth ulcer (from Latin ulcus - also known as canker sores) is the name for the appearance of an open sore inside the mouth caused by a break in the mucous membrane or the epithelium on the lips or surrounding the mouth. The types of mouth ulcers are diverse, with a multitude of associated causes including: physical or chemical trauma, infection from microorganisms or viruses, medical conditions or medications, cancerous and sometimes onspecific processes. The causes are varied and some very unlikely substances can cause mouth ulcers but stress and irregular teeth tops the list.

There are several common treatments for ulcers (ofcourse your Doctor would tell you more). B-complex vitamins, folic acid, and iron (taken separately or combined in a multivitamin) can help prevent recurrent outbreaks, since canker sores are often associated with deficiencies in these nutrients. Since canker sores heal themselves in most cases, treatment usually isn't necessary. Topical anesthetics, such as lidocaine and similar remedies, may be used for relief. Good oral hygiene is necessary to prevent recurrent outbreaks as well as secondary bacterial infections during an outbreak. This includes regular brushing, flossing, and regular trips to the dentist. Dentures, braces, and fillings should be rechecked and possibly refitted. Toothpastes containing sodium lauryl sulfate should not be used.

Some good resources : Here Here and Here

can't change the default page of IE ?

Its really annoying but most of the IE toolbars (including Yahoo, Google, and ofcourse MSN) change the IE default page to their page and disable any changes to that. I call this ridiculous and anti-marketing for their product. I hated this as much as you do. Funny thing is that IE spits Javascript errors in MSN homepage itself.
So, if you want to remove this restriction do the following :

- Click start and Run ' regedit'
- In Registry Editor, locate the following subkey, if it exists:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel
- if the ResetWebSettings value or the HomePage value exists in this key, right-click the
values, and then click Delete.
- Restart IE and you will be able to change the default page.

Read this article for further details.

The selfish bitTorrent Client is here...

BitTyrant is a new, protocol compatible BitTorrent client that is optimized for fast download performance...and its very selfish. BitTyrant claims 70% improvement in download speed over Azureus 2.5. BitTorrent differs from existing clients in its selection of which peers to unchoke and send rates to unchoked peers. Suppose your upload capacity is 50 KBps. If you’ve unchoked 5 peers, existing clients will send each peer 10 KBps, independent of the rate each is sending to you. In contrast, BitTyrant will rank all peers by their receive / sent ratios, preferentially unchoking those peers with high ratios. For example, a peer sending data to you at 20 KBps and receiving data from you at 10 KBps will have a ratio of 2, and would be unchoked before unchoking someone uploading at 10 KBps (ratio 1). Further, BitTyrant dynamically adjusts its send rate, giving more data to peers that can and do upload quickly and reducing send rates to others.

Unlimited online file storage...Seriously.

divShare offers unlimited online file storage and sharing....geeks, repeat after me.... divShare offers unlimited online file storage and sharing...enuf ! but would someone please explain to us how on earth a company like this can stay in business? You can upload unlimited files of any type, the files will stay there forever, and the company will serve unlimited downloads, too. There are no ads, no pop-ups, no spam, no sleaze and it lets you create your own galleries if you're uploading pictures. Is this utopia or what ?

Nature Calendar 2007

Photographer Ilker Yoldas offers a 2007 calendar of images for use as your desktop wallpaper. These are good quality wallpapers with nice little calendars embedded on them.

For some reason, the collection is compressed as a RAR file and you would required 7-zip or WinRAR to uncompress them.

Fix LCD's stuck pixels.

Duh ! a stuck pixel ? Yes, the difference between a dead pixel and a stuck pixel is that a stuck pixel will generally be fixed at red, green, blue, or any combination of those three colors; if a pixel is dead, it shows up as black, and fixing it requires another method altogether{From Lifehacker}.

JScreenFix is designed to fix your LCD's stuck pixels by quickly switching red, green, and blue colors on your monitor.

_sweet_downloads_ : Software for Starving Students

Software for Starving Students has released a 2007 edition of its collection of freeware and open-source software and its a nice collection I can say.

The entire collection is an ISO image and needs a burner to cut a DVD.