Mindblowing Free Fonts.

Vitaly Friedman has compiled an astonishing collection of free fonts. Take a look. Vitaly says..." One of the best resources I’ve found was Gerrit van Aaken’s essays collection “Freie Schriften im Portrait” (free fonts in a portrait) in German language. Before reading this article any further I strongly suggest you to visit Gerrit’s site and add it to bookmarks, for it is regularly updated and contains great links and a great fonts library. Besides, I’ve found some collections, created by freelancing typo-artists, such as Manfred Klein’s Fonteria, Designer In Action: Fonts, Typemotion.de, Apostrophic Laboratories’ Collection, Identifont – Free Fonts and others. [Update: Following my statistic data, I’ve found another great resource, which inlcudes links to license-free fonts and is updated regularly. Take a look!]..."

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