FlauntR really flaunts awesome features.

Picnik was our favorite so far. We loved its simplicity and its speed. It is hard to imagine how the entire product was coded using some brilliant CSS and Javascript goodness. We thought that it was the end of it. Then Adobe launched the Photoshop online suite programmed mainly in Flash. But we know that an online image editing tool has its limitations and hence it usually doesn’t give the feel and the effect which Photoshop can provide. But FlauntR could well be an exception. FlauntR divides it’s image editing task into 6 primary segments - stylR, textR, editR, mobilR, profilR and picasR.  flauntr1

    StylR gives a huge number of one-click effects, overlays and a new look to your photos.

    ProfilR, as the name suggests, lets you easily create a profile photo which you can add in various social network profiles. EditR does the image editing and tweaking for you and has all the necessary features like cropping, red eye removal and various effects ranging from night-vision to pencil sketch effect. TextR let’s you decorate your images with different fonts and background colors. MobilR is an innovative feature which allows you to create mobile wallpapers from your images and supports a huge number of cellphone models.  PicasR uses different paintings to apply some incredible effects to your photos.

    Simply neat !

Calgoo Goes Free, Syncs Desktop Calendars with Google Calendar

Online and desktop calendar-syncing application Calgoo Connect—along with all of the other calendar tools available from Calgoo—are now free. calgoo Calgoo Connect syncs Outlook on Windows or iCal on OS X with popular online calendars, namely Google Calendar and 30 Boxes.  

All Calgoo products are now freeware, Windows and Mac OS X only.

Calgoo [via WebWorkerDaily]

Gmail Offers Always-Secure Option

Gmail just made it easier for the coffee shop set and security-conscious types to always connect through https://. Gmail Mobile app users should note this glitch before doing so. [via]


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40+ Extremely Beautiful Fonts


Noupe.com has a great round-up of hand-picked fonts from the pages of deviantART. Well worth browsing!


40 Extremely Beautiful FONTS Hand-picked from deviantART

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iGoogle integrates most Google services.

igooglelogo Its always a pleasure to see all heavily used services are integrated and can be invoked from one place. iGoogle has just integrated GMail, GChat and Google Reader into one.

To preview the new iGoogle simply head to the iGoogle homepage and paste the following in the address bar:


To revert back to the previous iGoogle simply paste the following:


Facebook redesign.

Five months later and it looks like Facebook is ready to release its new profile redesign. Tomorrow evening the redesign will be open to the public.

Glimpses of this new design can be seen at http://www.new.facebook.com.

So what's new for users of Facebook:

  • New Menu Bar
  • Mini-Feed and Wall are now under the wall tab
  • A new "Bio" box
  • Complete rearrangement of tabs for your wall, info, photos, and apps
  • Facebook Apps are now found in the "Boxes" tab
  • Users can add extra tabs
  • Use your webcam to take a photo or record a video to add to your collection or post on the Wall of your friends
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Hacking the Technical Interview

Job interview master Vj Vijai describes how make the best impression at a technical interview using people skills (versus technical skills). His talk, which happened at O'Reilly's awesome Ignite event, is informative, funny, and short. Vijai also has a web site outlining the principles, linked below. The next Ignite will happen in NYC on 7/29

Hacking the Technical Interview

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Use Winamp skins with VLC Player

We all agree that when it comes to looks, VLC Media Player is ugly Betty. But there is a way to revamp the looks of your VLC player by using Winamp Classic Skins. Yes, VLC can use Winamp Classic skins as its interface. That means the thousands of styles available at Winamp Classic's official site and elsewhere can be put to good use on modern systems.

To change VLC's skin, load the program, hit the "Settings" menu, select "Switch interface" and then "Skins 2." Once the modern-looking skin loads, you can right-click on blank space, choose "Select skin" and see how the player works and acts with a Winamp Classic skin. If you want to keep the skin, head for the Interface->Main interfaces->Skins dialog in VLC's preferences and make sure "Advanced options" is checked.

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nCleaner – lets clean your machine.

nCleaner is a free Windows system cleaning application. This app will let you clean your system, applications, free more disk space, boost your system’s speed and get more stability and privacy protection. image

nCleaner contains the nkProds patented system and application cleaner chock full of over 90 cleaning items. That is enough to keep any geek busy for an evening. 

From the initial glance, its quite obvious to see that this nifty little app. packs great power. A serious competitor to CCleaner.

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How to use Winamp to manage your iPod

  1. First, make sure to enable disk use on your iPod by connecting it and opening iTunes (if it doesn’t auto-launch). Select your iPod and then click the Settings tab. Scroll down to the Options section and remove the check from the box labeled Open iTunes when this iPod is attached. Then place a check in the Enable disk use box (if it isn’t checked already). Click Apply.
  2. itunes settings

  3. Exit out of iTunes, and confirm that your iPod has now mounted itself as a drive.
  4. ipod drive

  5. Download and install Winamp if you haven’t yet. If you opt to create a custom installation, make sure to leave the iPod support selection in Portable Media Player Support (which is a part of the Winamp Library) checked.
  6. using winamp and your ipod

  7. Launch Winamp and if the Media Library window doesn’t appear, select View and then Media Library.
  8. using winamp and your ipod

  9. In the left column of the Media Library window, select your iPod from the Portables list. Any files currently on your iPod will be displayed.
  10. using winamp and your ipod

  11. To add music to your iPod, open the Playlist window, add some songs to it and then right-click those songs. From the pop-up menu select Send to: and then choose your iPod.
  12. using winamp and your ipod

  13. You’ll see a percentage status indicator as the files are sent to your iPod.
  14. using winamp and your ipod

  15. The files listed on your iPod may not refresh on their own. Just click Portables
  16. using winamp and your ipod

  17. … and then click your iPod again. All of the files you just sent to your iPod will now be listed.
  18. using winamp and your ipod

  19. You can eject your iPod right from within Winamp by clicking the Eject button in the bottom right corner of the Media Library window.
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Swastika Appears On Google Trends

A number of people noticed a swastika (卐) on the hot trends list of Google Trends this morning.

Google took the site down with a message that it was undergoing
network maintenance and should be available again in a few hours. Then,
minutes later, the site was back up, with the swastika still listed as
the thirteenth hottest search term.

Google Trends says the query peaked at about 6 am Pacific. The query
is actually a Chinese character, but the trends list that it shows up
for is U.S. searches. It looks like a successful spamming attempt, but
given the number of queries Google handles it looks to be pretty
sophisticated - at one point it was the number one query. We’ve pinged Google for a comment.

Update: It’s now been removed or has fallen off the hot trends list.

Google Launches Lively In-Browser Virtual World

livelylogo.gifThe newest addition to Google Labs is a "3D virtual experience" called Lively, a Windows-only browser plug-in that lets you create and join customized virtual "rooms" in-browser to chat with your friends and associates. You can embed those rooms onto your web site as well. Not at all productivity-related, but a fun new way to interact online somewhere less boring than a text-based forum.

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Disable The Windows XP Splash Screen

Ever wonder what’s going on behind that splash screen?

Right click My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Startup and Recovery ->

Edit BOOT.INI. Add “/SOS” right after “/fastdetect” with a space
between. The line will look something like this:

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS=”Microsoft Windows XP Professional” /fastdetect /SOS.

When you’re finished. The first part, multi(0)….. may not be the
same on your machine. Upon restarting, the splash screen will be gone.
It can be re-enabled by removing the new switch.

Gmail Adds Multiple Session Info and Remote Signout

If you're signed into your Gmail account from several computers at
once, a note at the bottom of your inbox will tell you that, Google
announces. Gmail's new Remote Signout and Info feature is getting
rolled out to Gmail accounts slowly, and will display the IP addresses
of all the computers where you're currently signed into Gmail below
your inbox . You can also sign out of Gmail from a remote
computer using the new feature.

Remote sign out and info to help you protect your Gmail account [Official Gmail Blog]

My Yahoo out of beta.

myyahoologo.pngThe beta My Yahoo start page is going public and rolling out to all users starting today, ReadWriteWeb reports. The new version of the popular start page includes more content module choices and features, and a drag and drop interface. Check it out here.

SimplyNoise Generates White Noise in Your Browser

application SimplyNoise provides a no-frills interface to configure
relaxing white noise right in your browser. Just fire up the web site
and adjust the sliding orb to the intensity of white noise that's your
sweet spot. As the site points out, white noise can be helpful for
everything from aiding sleep to blocking distraction, and SimplyNoise
is a no-nonsense application that does just that. - SimplyNoise

Weave 0.2 ready to sync you up !

Mozilla Labs has released Weave Prototype 0.2. Weave is Mozilla’s answer to the problem of keeping all your bookmarks, history, passwords and more in sync across multiple computers.

So what is new in this 0.2 version of Weave?

  • Intelligent scheduler for synchronization to improve performance.
  • Expanded set of supported browser settings and metadata, including: Bookmarks, Browsing History, Cookies, Saved Passwords, Saved Form Data, and Tabs.
  • Support for retrying failed network operations.
  • New server format performs better when there are frequent changes (e.g., for history sync).
  • Significant reworking of the startup experience, including a new Setup Wizard that performs account creation in chrome and allows for customization of settings.
  • Improved error detection and handling.
  • Notification dialog added to the status bar for displaying error, status and asynchronous events with or without required actions, e.g. authentication errors, notification of shares, etc.

Might be worth mentioning that they are still saying this version is for testing purposes only, so if Firefox later on kicks you in the head, points its browsing finger and laughs while your down, you were warned.

Ready to test it out? Then download Weave 0.2 here!

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PDF Download 2.0 Beta Adds Advanced Web-to-PDF Conversion

The makers of the PDF Download extension have released a 2.0 beta that adds some key features, including a full web-to-PDF converter that repdf_download.jpgtains CSS styling, web links, and layout details. The extension has also beefed up its PDF-to-HTML rendering, and works in Firefox 2 & 3, Flock, and other Mozilla-based projects. The developers have made 10,000 beta sign-ups available, with more to come. Hit the link below for more details on what's new in PDF Download 2.0.

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Firefox Guinness World Record Official

Mozilla officially announced today that Firefox 3 set the Guinness World Record for most software downloads in 24 hours, totaling at an impressive 8,002,530 downloads.
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Embed Remember the Milk on Your Windows Desktop

Weblog Third Error suggests a clever use for your Windows Active Desktop: Embed your Remember the Milk to-do list on your wallpaper. In all it's pretty standard use of the oft-disregarded Active Desktop, but the main trick is that you subscribe to the Remember the Milk iGoogle gadget so you get a nice, clean interface for your to-do list directly on your desktop. Your Remember the Milk To-Do List on the Desktop [Third Error]

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How to share a keyboard and mouse between two computers

I recently started working on two machines. A linux desktop and a Windows XP laptop. Two machines, two keyboards and two mice - a nightmare.
A little research and some freeware goodness guided me to Synergy - a freeware tool to control two machines with one mouse and a single keyboard.
A nice little feature about Synergy is that it can control computers, even if they are different operating systems, which is really helpful if (like a lot of people) you have an XP and Vista or linux and Windows. To change the computer you wish to control, just move the mouse off the screen, it’s as simple as that.


Synergy also supports the ‘Clipboard’ feature. My favorite feature of Synergy, though, is the fact it automatically synchronizes the screen savers of the computer’s it is controlling, so they start and stop at the same time. And, in addition to that, it can password-unlock all the computers with one password, so no need to go around unlocking all of the computers if they automatically lock.

To download Synergy, go here http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=59275&release_id=406637.

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