How to share a keyboard and mouse between two computers

I recently started working on two machines. A linux desktop and a Windows XP laptop. Two machines, two keyboards and two mice - a nightmare.
A little research and some freeware goodness guided me to Synergy - a freeware tool to control two machines with one mouse and a single keyboard.
A nice little feature about Synergy is that it can control computers, even if they are different operating systems, which is really helpful if (like a lot of people) you have an XP and Vista or linux and Windows. To change the computer you wish to control, just move the mouse off the screen, it’s as simple as that.


Synergy also supports the ‘Clipboard’ feature. My favorite feature of Synergy, though, is the fact it automatically synchronizes the screen savers of the computer’s it is controlling, so they start and stop at the same time. And, in addition to that, it can password-unlock all the computers with one password, so no need to go around unlocking all of the computers if they automatically lock.

To download Synergy, go here

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