Meebo adds Facebook and Myspace chat.

Meebo is a web-based chat client that lets you keep up with your AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, and Windows Live Messenger contacts. Now Meebo has rolled out support for two more chat clients: Facebook and MySpace.

Meebo provides a way to chat with contacts using 9 different IM clients now, and you can do it all from a single web page. So you don't need to leave Facebook, Gmail, or MySpace open all day if all you care about is the chat features. And more importantly, since Meebo is web-based, you can use the service from any computer without stopping to install software. [via CNET

Goodbye Firefox 2.

As expected, Mozilla has pulled the plug on Firefox 2. There will be no more security updates, and no more support for the web browser. When users download and install the latest update for Firefox 2, they're greeted with a message suggesting they upgrade to Firefox 3 which is generally both faster and more secure than Firefox 2. firefox
Of course, some people don't like the way Firefox 3 handles bookmarks or tabs, which could make them reluctant to upgrade. But I'd recommend upgrading for the security enhancements alone. You can always search for Firefox add-ons that enhance the bookmark manager or tab positions.
[via Mashable]

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Microsoft issues patch for latest IE vulnerability

Microsoft is acting to address concerns regarding the vulnerability that has been widely reported on since it was revealed last week. According to BetaNews there still haven't been any reported incidents involving the exploit. Even though the vulnerability's existence has yet to be confirmed, Microsoft has responded quickly and has prepared a patch for release today at 10:00am PST. There are also webcasts scheduled for December 17th and 18th to answer customer concerns regarding the out-of-band update.
For more information about the specifics of the vulnerability, read Microsoft's December 12th TechNet post. The post also details five different workarounds (which should be unnecessary once the patch is released). It's likely that Microsoft will also update the original security advisory with a link to the patch once it has been made available.

downloads are available here - choose the link that matches your Windows OS.
[ via BetaNews

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UnChrome Anonymizes Your Google Chrome Installation

UnChrome helps you browse anonymously by removing the unique ID from Google Chrome that Google associates with your Chrome installation.  Chrome Privacy Guard does a similar thing.

UnChrome [via Download Squad]

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iPhone 3G unlocked.

Hackers known as the iPhone Dev Team have successfully unlocked the iPhone 3G for use on unsupported GSM networks. Right now they've simply confirmed the 3G unlock, but according the the Dev Team blog post, a free unlocking software should be available by New Year's Eve. [via]

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Picasa 3.1 update

Google has released a new official update in the form of Picasa 3.1. The biggest news in this release is that Picasa 3.1 adds support for 38 languages and name tags.

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Picasa 3.1 update

Google has released a new official update in the form of Picasa 3.1. The biggest news in this release is that Picasa 3.1 adds support for 38 languages and name tags.

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How to remove all comments from Wordpress.

As you can see that I hardly blogged for last 4 months. When I logged in to my Wordpress console today, I found around 50k comments – most of them spam. Its not humanly possible to delete all of them manually.

The best way of getting rid of a bunch of un-approved comments from Wordpress is to manually remove from the database. Please backup your database before you use this technique.

First, go into phpmyadmin and select the database wordpress is using, and hit the SQL tab.

Execute the following query in the SQL section of phpmyadmin

SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_approved =’0’

This this will output a number. Make sure this is the exact same number as the amount of pending comments you have in the wordpress admin panel. It should be. If it isn’t you have some serious problems which I can’t help you with.

Now that we have isolated the pending comments, time to delete them all. Go back into the SQL section and enter this command

delete from wp_comments WHERE comment_approved =’0’

You are done.