Prevent RSI

Lets begin our journey to uberGeekdom with something important. Our n hour long stretches on the box has some alarming affect on our physique and psyche.

Among all the adverse effects, the most painful is RSI.
I neglected the numbing feeling in my right wrist for a while but could not ignore the shooting pain. I've been too laissez-faire about it myself, and I've suffered for it.
During last two weeks, I changed my working style and would like to share some tips with you.

  • Get yourself a tiny timer. Setup small timers. The timer should stop you at these small intervals and ask you to relax. The best tool I found was
  • Follow the instructions as per the timer program and try NOT to neglect the small breaks (the usual break I keep is for 30 seconds every 5 mins)
  • WorkRave also suggests exercises that you can do during those short breaks. Follow those.
  • DO NOT MULTITASK. Multitasking is good for machines, not for us.
  • Stop using mouse where keyboard would do. Learn common keystroke replacement. If you are uberGeek, use AutoHotKey
If you find some other tips ... share them.
Healthy Computing...

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support said...

I use a desktop stretching program that is a like a timer in that it pops up at regular intervals (that you can set), but when it pops up it is an animated girl doing a stretch that you can follow. It's called Imaginaire and you can get it for $14.99 at