Complete Guide to Optimixing Windows XP

The Complete Guide To Optimising Windows XP - for those of us who didn't make the jump to Vista, it's never too late to whip our old WinXP into shape! Optimising Windows XP is a pretty comprehensive guide on how to do that, featuring tweaks from basic to advanced.

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Andrew K said...

1. Cacheman includes a performance slowing RAM optimizer and other useless tweaks such as IOPagelocklimit.

2. The Paging File information is total nonsense, leave it at system managed.

3. Turning off System Restore does not improve performance.

4. The /prefetch:1 switch is a total Myth

5. Deleting Temp Files does not improve performance, it only improves Disk Space and irresponsibly telling people to create a useless Batch file that runs at system shutdown to delete these will REDUCE shutdown times.

6. ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 is a total Myth and does absolutely nothing on Windows XP.

This guide also includes other erroneous items that have not been proven to improve performance or is simply bad advice. It should be called the "The Completely Guide to Useless and Performance Slowing Tweaks".

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