Why can't programmers program ?

Its been a week of long interviews...3 to be exact. Experience has taught me that its always better to format your interviews as two-way discussions rather than "I ask you question and wait for your *watever* answers.." If you discuss something with the candidate, you can force something out of him which she herself might not know she knew.

Its always fun to talk to people who can program well. So far, I have found very few of the candidates who know what they are talking about. Its not that they are not trained or they do not have necessary skills - experience but they simply can't program.

I was reading "Why Can't Programmers.. Program?" this morning. It is sad - but near close to true. I do not believe 199 out of 200 cannot program - but it isn't too far from the truth. So, if you are interviewing a lot, my sincere advice to you...discuss rather then ask and make them write programs - lots of programs. [My wife demanded that I credit her for this article]

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