Must Know Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Its true that using Firefox makes web browsing easy. But you can still use these Keyboard shortcuts to make your browsing easier than ever! If you think there’s more to be added, feel free to share!

Close Tab : Ctrl+W, Ctrl+F4
Restore Recently Closed Tab : Ctrl+Shift+D
Close Window : Ctrl+Shift+W, Alt+F4
New Tab : Ctrl+T
New Window : Ctrl+N
Select Tab : (1 to 8 ) Ctrl+(1 to 8 )
Select Last Tab : Ctrl+9
Bookmark All Tabs : Ctrl+Shift+D
Select Location Bar : Ctrl+L , F6, Alt+D
Open Address in New Tab : Ctrl+Enter
Web Search :Ctrl+E Ctrl+K
Next Tab : Ctrl+Tab , Ctrl+Page Down
Previous Tab : Ctrl+Shift+Tab, Ctrl+Page Up

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