Remove QuickTime from System Tray - Forever.

I dont know why Apple did this to us, but everytime you install something from Apple, Quicktime Player sneaks in and settles in the System Tray. Its mostly a harmless piece of software that does nothing...yes nothing at all but slows down Windows Startup process and annoys you by staring at you from the System Tray. How to remove it forever ?

  1. Start the Windows Task Manager, select the process that says qttask.exe and hit delete. This should kill the process.
  2. Next, open the Registry editor and search for the following entry:
  3. Delete this entry : QuickTime Task - "C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe" -atboottime
  4. Next, open the QuickTime installation folder inside Windows Explorer (C:\Program Files\QuickTime\), select the qttask.exe file and delete or rename it.
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jebus said...

you can also run msconfig -> click 'startup' tab and uncheck the qttask box

i really love this blog. i used many of your techniques for speeding up xp!