Building a BitTorrent Box

While most of our time on the Internet is spent IM’ing, e-mail, or just browsing the Web, you may run in to situations when you need to do some powerful file transfers. If you have got an old computer collecting dust, Why not turn it into a downloading monster? The Nerdica weblog offers an exhaustive guide on how to transform an unused computer into a BitTorrent downloader using Ubuntu.

In this guide, you'll learn how to set a small headless Ubuntu server used to retrieve BitTorrent files, while even saving them to a external USB hard drive that can be disconnected on the go. You even discover how to remotely administer your server from the Web using SSH, VNC, and an inuitive HTML UI, while being able to retrieve files while you're away from home.

Build a BitTorrent Box [Via - Lifehacker - Nerdica]

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dhruv said...

hey dude....
cool stuff....
couple of good softwares mentioned there.