Download AVG Anti-Virus Pro for free


We wouldn't be surprised if you only know AVG for its free anti-virus software. Along with Avast! Avira, and a few other companies that don't start with the letter A, AVG provides a full-fledged virus protection suite free of charge. But AVG also provides a "professional" version of its software that comes with some advanced features like extra scanning and scheduling options.
For example, the free version only lets you schedule a single virus database update per day, and one computer scan a day. You can schedule multiple events with the Pro version. You also get higher speed downloads with the Pro version.
AVG Pro usually goes for $29.95, but Computeract!ve is giving away free licensed copies through Jan 18, 2008. Good luck getting their download link to work, but fortunately CyberNet has pointed us to a couple of mirrors.

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