Firefox 3 quickly enters beta 2.

Mozilla is continuing its march toward an official launch of Firefox 3 with the release of Firefox 3 beta 2. This update features more infrastructure improvements than major new features, but it packs all the goodies of earlier beta release plus a few new items including:

  • New location bar that shows history and bookmarks
  • Improved security features including anti-virus integration in the download manager and stricter SSL error pages
  • Better password management
  • Easier add-on installation
  • New download manager with resumable downloading
  • Full page zoom
  • One-click bookmarking
  • New graphics and font rendering architecture
  • Over 330 memory leak fixes

You can find a complete list of updates in the release notes. There are still some kinks to work out, but that's to be expected in any beta release (with the possible exception of a Google beta product). We're not quite ready to give up on Firefox 2 as our everyday browser, but Firefox 3 is tempting us a bit more with every beta release.
If you want to try out Firefox 3 beta 2 without installing it and risking data loss from your Firefox 2 profile, you might want to check out the portable version.

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