Google Calendar going offline ?

It looks like Google is preparing to add offline functionality to Google Calendar. A few days ago the folks at the Digital Streets blog noticed that Google seemed to have added some code to the Google Calendar page that would bring up a prompt to install Google Gears for access to 3 months worth of calendar data while you're offline. But once you install Google Gears, nothing happens.

Googlified noticed a new option in the settings section of Google Calendar. Go ahead and check, odds are you'll see an "Offline" tab in your own calendar settings. When you click the tab, you're told to download Google Gears. Unfortunately, once you install Google Gears, nothing seems to happen. Visiting Google Calendar with Gears installed just brings up the plain old Google Calendar with no option to save your data for offline viewing. But we get the feeling that Google wouldn't be adding features to the Google Calendar settings menu if the company didn't plan to activate those features soon.

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