Xobni Gets Even Better With LinkedIn Data For Your Contacts

Xobni, the email startup that was described as “The Superplugin for Outlook”, has partnered with LinkedIn to automatically pull contact information
from the popular professional network. Xobni will now draw from public profiles on the LinkedIn network, displaying information about contacts’ employers, job titles, and pictures as part of the plugin’s sidebar. Xobni’s sidebar helps manage Outlook email boxes by automatically threading email conversations, sorting attachments, and creating a network of related contacts within your inbox. Earlier this year Bill Gates demoed the product at the Office Developers Conference, calling it “very, very, cool” - so cool, in fact, that Microsoft extended an offer to acquire the company for $20 million. The partnership with LinkedIn makes Xobni even more useful. It’s too bad Xobni users are still limited to Outlook and Microsoft Windows (though there’s a web-based version for Yahoo Mail on the way). Where is the Thunderbird version ?

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