Google Wave opens to 100,000 users today

googlewavebeta100000 According to the official Google blog, 100,000 invitations to Google's most hotly-anticipated new service, Google Wave, are going out today. Wave is being touted as a communication tool that reimagines the way email should work. So, who's getting invited to use this next-generation communication tool? Well, it helps if you signed up early for an invitation and wrote the Wave team a message offering to give feedback. If you're a developer who's been using the developer preview of Wave, you might also get an invitation, and some are going out to paying customers of Google Apps.
In their blog post, the Google Wave folks stress that - if you do land an invitation - you're not going to be playing with a finished product. Wave is still missing some crucial features, and bugs are going to be par for the course until the team starts using the feedback from these 100,000 new users to start identifying problems. Unfortunately, you won't be able to directly invite friends to Wave, but you will be able to nominate them for invitations.
Do you have a Wave invitation yet? What do you think of the service so far?

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