Safari 3 beta now available for Windows too

Lifehacker talks about an interesting move from Apple. Today Apple releases the Safari version 3 beta, which now runs on Windows as well as OS X.

Steve Jobs said today that Safari is faster than Internet Explorer and Firefox. From Gizmodo's liveblog of Jobs' keynote at the WWDC:

HTML performance on XP: IE, Firefox and Safari tested. Running through the benchmark suite, IE gets done in 4.6 seconds, Firefox in 3.7, Safari in 2.2. Javascript: 2.4 for IE, Firefox 1.6, Safari 0.9. "Fastest browser on Windows."

Fastest browser on Windows? If that's true, can it compete with Firefox's extension library ? In the meantime, the Safari 3 public beta for Windows and Mac is available as a free download.

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