We love Zenbe !

We were quite excited about Zenbe in the previous post. Its very rare that the enthusiasm about a killer-app is sustained for so long. Zenbe was kind enough to give us the invitation to test it and OMG ! We simply love it. Zenbe has everything Gmail should have. Forget the feature list, the interface is a winner. Minimal setup, classy design, first-thing-first and surprisingly fast.

Some of the features that we liked :

  • Seamless intergration to GMail and Google Calendar.
  • Intelligent Tagging feature
  • Extraordinary attachment management. You can see all the mail attachments as a separate tab 'Zenbe Files'. You can share them too.
  • Zenpages are still limited to a few applications but as more applications will be added, we can predict a full fledged NetVibes inside one tab.
  • Everything you need inside one page : Todo list, Facebook sidebar, GTalk, Flickr, etc via zenpages,

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Anonymous said...

Awesome...I think zenbe will surely take over gMail.