Zenbe : an end to GMail, et all ?

Free webmail is nothing new. But the field is pretty much dominated by big names like Google, AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo! Zenbe is a startup that hopes there's room for one more. And the company's webmail client makes a pretty strong case that there should be.

Zenbe is a free email service that gives users 4GB of storage for emails and attachments. But that's just the start. The service features an attractive interface that combines some of the best aspects of Gmail and Outlook. For example, you can star messages and add tags like you do with Gmail. But you also have access to an integrated calendar and task manager like you get with Outlook.

There are also a few featues you won't find in other services, like the ability to star messages with different colors, or create ZenPages that let you organize messages, appointment, attachments, and other information on a single web page which you can share with other users.

Zenbe is currently in private beta, but you can request an invitation from the company's home page.

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